Anonymous asked: Can you do Shamy fic of when they go to thr beach together? And Sheldon gets surprised that Amy wears a bathing suit Hello, Anon! Thank you for this prompt, it was an absolute joy to write! Okay, anyways… I’ve had this story written and done for over a month (I know, I’m a horrible person. Sue me.) BUT I did have reason to do that. Because I’m doing a collab with amarie-04! Yup, that right! One of the most talented artists in this fandom agreed to make a drawing for this fic! Needless to say, I’m fangirling intensely! BUT we both ran into some timeline difficulties - and long story short, you get the fic now and the ama-ha-zing fan-art later! Enough jibber jabber, let’s get this gang to the beach, eh?! Song for this fic: Club Tropicana by Wham!

”Under no circumstances, not in this dimension or any other.”

Sheldon Cooper waved his hands and shook his head in a dismissive manner. Across from him on the other side of the coffee table stood his neighbor and friend, Penny, whose surname shall remain unknown in accordance to possible future plot-twists. Don’t jinx it.

Around him sat his usual social group of scientist and a sole engineer and once again it would seem that the blue-eyed Nebraskan charmer had mesmerized the entire assembly with another one of her home-spun ideas of fun. It had taken her less than 5 minutes to make everyone agree to participate in a group-activity this upcoming weekend that was so preposterous in its mediocrity, so absurd in its location and so tedious in its essence that there was absolutely no way that Sheldon would ever even consider participating; not even if Spock himself was beamed down right in front of him and demanded him to follow his friends on one of the most tiresome field trips in the history of man:
A day at the beach.

“Oh, come one, Sheldon! Why not? It’ll be fun, everyone thinks it’s a great idea and it was even your idea that we spend the weekends together to balance your schedule after the wedding. Everybody is on board!”

Well, that was not entirely true. If there was anyone on this planet who disliked the beach more than Sheldon Cooper, then it was Amy Farrah Fowler. A fact he was going to use in his favor.

“Not everybody.” He stated with a gloating look on his face. “Amy also thinks that this idea sucks the big one – and she’s right.”

Penny turned her attention towards the brunette neurobiologist, looking at her with raised eyebrows and pleading eyes.
“What do you say, Ames? Come one, for me! We’ll have tons of girl-talks and womanly bonding?” She said in an attempt to win her over.
Amy pressed her lips tightly together, having a hard time to say no to the blonde goddess from across the hall.
“While I would gladly sell my organs to the highest bidder on the black market to see your perfect body in a bikini, bestie, I think I have to agree with Sheldon on this one. I have no interest whatsoever in going to the beach.”
“Yes!” Sheldon exclaimed, doing a small fist pump of victory; the irresistible charm of Penny was not working on Amy.

For the briefest of moments Sheldon felt the urge to throw his arms around his girlfriend in gratitude, but thought better of it as Penny let out a dissatisfied grunt, turning her head towards Leonard in search for assistance.
But her husband was staring at Amy with furrowed brows, a stunned look on his face and his mouth slightly open in shock at the words that had left the neurobiologist’s mouth only moments before, just like everyone else around the table, as Amy simply scooped the last mouthful of thai-food into her mouth, completely unfazed and oblivious to their stares.

“Leonard?” Penny said urgently finally getting his attention.

“Whoa, what?”

Penny rolled her eyes and sighed heavily.
“Can you help me out here?” She asked impatiently, pointing a finger towards Sheldon and Amy on the couch.

Leonard tried to collect his thought, but it was no use.

“Are you having an affair with Amy?” Was the only thing he could say, looking between the two women.

Penny huffed and rolled her eyes once again, throwing her arms up in despair. Sheldon frowned and furrowed his brows at Leonard before snapping his head back to look at Amy with wide eyes. She answered his look with a cold gaze and raised eyebrows, silently saying: You got a problem with that?

At that Bernadette pinched Howard in the arm, seeing that he was looking at Penny with a dreaming look in his eyes, his dinner long forgotten.
“Hey!” He exclaimed, almost falling down his chair in surprise, rubbing his sore arm as he stared at his wife in disbelieve. She sent him a soul-crushing glare of despair, shutting him up immediately, before returning her focus to Sheldon and Amy.

“I think Penny’s idea is great! I can’t think of another activity that we could all enjoy together.” She chipped in her most persuasive tone of voice.

Amy furrowed her brows, able to think of several other enjoyable group activities, and Sheldon shook his head at the tiny wildebeest and her good nature.

“Amy and I won’t enjoy it, which means that your previous statement is ipso facto complete hogwash. No, you hippies go ahead and run around on a plane of sand and other people’s trash, half naked, without proper sun protection, getting wet and most likely develop pneumonia. Amy and I will stay here and have a weekend of an intellectual nature, actually contributing with something to the world other than melanoma and waterborne bacterial infections.” He said in a smug tone of voice.

“A weekend of an intellectual nature?” Bernadette asked, her voice losing some of its lightness and softness, as the wildebeest slowly transformed into a wolverine.

Sheldon nodded as Amy spoke. “Yes. We’ve both been busy lately and thus been unable to keep up with our usual science perusing. We were planning on spending the weekend reading and thoroughly discussing scientific articles from the past two weeks. Maybe you guys haven’t noticed, but the world of science is on fire. ”

“No kidding.” Sheldon interjected. “New discoveries are made every day, if we don’t keep up with the latest science news we’ll might as well just apply for a full-time job at the Cheesecake Factory. The future is today, people.” He said with raised eyebrows, eyeing each of his friends with great seriousness, as if making sure that they were preparing themselves for the apocalypse, before locking his eyes with Amy’s. The pair shared a long look of mutual understanding like only Sheldon and Amy could.

“Well, I don’t give a lab rat’s furry behind for your weekend of Science!” Bernadette exclaimed, pulling Sheldon and Amy back to reality immediately, both looking at her in shock. “The two of your will spend a weekend of a social nature with your friends and that is final!”

A moment of silence filled the room as everyone stared at Bernadette in soul-shaken fear. It defied all logic how a human that tiny and otherwise loveable could contain such intense and raw fury. Maybe the bravest man in the Universe wasn’t the man who gave Wolverine a prostate-exam. Maybe it was Howard Wolowitz, the man who married Bernadette Maryanne Rostenkowski. After recovering from the initial shock, Amy leaned a bit closer to Sheldon, her eyes never leaving the blonde queen of I’m-not-having-any-of-your-shit-today.

“Emergency girlfriend/boyfriend convention. The kitchen. Right now.” She said in a hushed tone. They both rose simultaneously from their seats, quickly making their way to the kitchen to speak undisturbed as their friends now began planning the details of the trip.

“I think we have to go.” Amy said in defeat.
Sheldon pressed his lips together and crossed his arms over his chest.

“This is preposterous. We shouldn’t have to do this. We don’t like the beach.” He said in an irritated voice. Amy nodded her head with a tiny sigh.

“I know, I know. But they have us cornered. You suggested that the entire gang engaged in group activities during the weekends. If they all agree to go to the beach, I don’t think we have much of a choice.” Amy said.
Sheldon huffed. “A moment’s weakness, and now I’m paying the ultimate price.” He mumbled.

“Plus, I don’t want to piss off Bernadette more than highly necessary.” Amy whispered, eyeing the microbiologist across the room, a smile on her face and her feet dangling from the chair she was sitting at. Sheldon followed her gaze.
“You are right.” Sheldon said, defeated. “Confounded. I was really looking forward to a weekend of science. Now that’s all down the drain.”

Amy snapped her head back.
“Who said anything about giving up on Science-weekend?” She asked in defiance. “We’ll go to the beach, it’s our social obligation, but we are bringing science weekend with us.”

Sheldon looked fondly at her. “A perfect plan, Dr. Fowler.” He said happily.

“Science always finds a way, Dr. Cooper.” Amy responded, smiling.

“It truly is a heavy burden to be the glue of this social group.” Sheldon said with a sigh and a shake of his head.
“Amen to that, brother.” Amy answered with a heavy nod. “Do you have anything else to add?”
Sheldon shook his head. “No. Meeting adjourned.”

With that the pair made their way back to their designated seats. Sheldon took a last look around the crowd who looked back at him in apprehension – Bernadette looked back with an air of coolness – before letting them in on their decision. He locked his eyes with Penny, who looked at him like a child on Christmas morning.

“Amy and I have reached a conclusion.” He said, pausing for dramatic effect.

“Oh just say it!” Penny exclaimed, tired of his games.

“Very well. Amy and I will join you on this godforsaken trip to the beach.” He said with a nod of his head, like a king mercifully gracing the peasants with his presence.
Penny shot them both a huge smile before engulfing the last minute details of the trip. When everyone agreed to what beach, at what time, what to bring and who would drive who, Penny stood up in victory and excitement.

“Beach, here we come!”
Saturday morning brought with it a lazy breeze and blazing sunshine – the perfect beach-weather. Everyone had packed picnic baskets, towels, blankets, games, and all sorts of beach-activities. Sheldon had a 20 minute discussion with Leonard about whether or not to wear ones beachwear before or at the beach. It wasn’t a discussion per say, Sheldon just needed pros and cons for the two options before making a decision, basically driving Leonard to the limits of his sanity. All the while Amy and Penny sat on the couch, rolling their eyes every other minute, waiting patiently for a conclusion.

“Amy?” Sheldon asked, turning to her, wanting to know about her arrangements.

“I’m wearing my bathing attire under my dress, Sheldon.” She said with a sigh. Sheldon remained silent for a moment as his eyes roamed over her frame with a very curious look on his face, seemingly forgetting that he was in the middle of a discussion. Amy was wearing a loose floral dress in primarily green and light rose reaching well past her knees, with a thin dark green cardigan over it and comfortable flats on her bare feet. Sheldon finally managed to avert his eyes from her, clearing his throat as he now looked at Penny.

“Penny?” He asked, needing all the information he could get. Penny threw a hand up in dismay. “Same.” She said in a flat tone.

He pondered for another second, playing with the belt of his morning robe, before turning his attention to Leonard. “But they are female.” He stated. “The paradigm is different for them – they can’t just…” But he was cut short by a frustrated Leonard.

“Sheldon! For the love of everything good and holy, get in there, put on your bathing shorts and a t-shirt and LET’S GO!”
He fumed, pointing an angry finger towards the bedrooms, his face turning a bright red. Sheldon brought up his hands in surrender with wide eyes.

“All right, all right, no need to lose your mental faculties. Geez.” He said as he began making his way to his bedroom. “And they say I’m the crazy one.”

Minutes after he reappeared wearing a flash t-shirt and his bus pants. Leonard sighed deeply, rubbing his forehead in frustration.

“Why are you wearing your bus-pants, Sheldon?” He asked in an exasperated voice.

“I’m taking a page out of Amy and Penny’s book. Bathing shorts are made to be worn at the beach, but we are not at the beach. I’m therefore currently wearing my bathing shorts under my bus pants, which I will discard when we reach our destination.” Sheldon explained calmly, stepping down the ledge and making his way to the door.

“We got everything?” He asked Amy in a saying manner and she responded with an affirmative nod. “Good. Let’s go, Leonard, you are wasting time.”

Leonard growled in hopelessness as he tied his shoe lashes with angry movements.

The car arrangements were Howard, Bernadette and Raj in the so called “Love car”and Penny, Leonard, Sheldon and Amy in her ordinary car – all though Penny wanted to name it the “Boredom car”. She sat in the passenger seat with Leonard while Sheldon and Amy occupied the front seats. Not a word was spoken. No music was playing. No games were played. There was only silence, as the pair shared a small smile and a glance every now and then. It was driving Penny mad.

“Okay, I know I’m going to regret this.” She said, leaning a bit forward. “But why don’t you guys like the beach?”

Leonard buried his face in his hands. “Here we go.” He mumbled.

Sheldon and Amy shared a long look before looking ahead again.

“Oh, bestie, the list is never-ending.” Amy said with a slight shake of her head as Sheldon nodded in agreement.

“Indeed.” He interjected. “The big faceless crowds.”
Amy continued where he left off.

“All the sand; you get it everywhere!”

“The ever-lurking danger of metallic waste.”

“Sweaty, half naked people everywhere.”

“Birds that have grown too accustomed to humans.”

“Walking in sand is just plain torture.”

“Not to mention the horrible reality that is melanoma.”

Penny raised her hands in defeat as she tried to shut the couple up.

“Okay, okay, we get it!” She said “The beach is worse than hell and you are doing us all a favor by coming along.” She added in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Sheldon merely turned his head and looked at her with a tiny smile. “Thank you for noticing.”

By the time the gang reached the beach the sun was already blazing, and the sand was perfectly warm for bare feet longing for summer. They quickly found a small cluster of beach-chairs close to one another. As Penny, Amy and Sheldon worked on the parasols, Howard, Bernadette and Raj laid out the food and Leonard tried to get his old radio back from the 90’s to work. It was the only piece of electronic he owned that he wouldn’t mind getting all sandy and ruined.
Soon after the whole gang was seated on blankets, getting ready to eat – Sheldon insisted on sitting on the edge of a beach chair, since, as he put it, eating on sand was like eating on a crumbling layer of death. As everyone dug into their sandwiches, Leonard opened the cooler box and distributed drinks all around – cold beers and cider. As Sheldon was about to accept a cold water, Amy took it from him and placed it back. He looked at her with a curious frown, but she simply searched the cool box until she found what she was looking for.

“I bought these for you.” She said with a smile as she handed him a small bottle of ice cold Yoohoo. He took it eagerly
from her, shooting her a big smile. “Oh goodie! Thank you.” He said gratefully.

“You’re welcome.” She answered as she took a bottle of Yoohoo herself. They opened their bottles at the same time and shared a toast before taking the first sip.

“Cheers!” Penny exclaimed happily, getting the entire gang to toast with each other.

After the meal it was time to really get the beach-activities going. Everyone started discarding their clothes in order to get comfortable in their beach wear. Leonard was wearing a couple of long Hawaii bathing shorts, completed with a palm pattern on them in red and white. Penny elegantly slipped out of her baggy t-shirt and boyfriend jeans to reveal a stunning two-piece bikini in a dark green, promoting her gorgeous body in the best way possible. Leonard gauged at her for a full minute before turning around, shyly taking off his t-shirt – being bare chested was not something he particularly liked. Penny sensed his awkwardness and walked over to him, giving him a big kiss as she whispered something in his ear that caused him to smile widely and avert his eyes to his feet, clearly flattered. Raj was wearing a pair of short that reached just above his knees with an odd geometrical pattern on them, not unlike the vests he normally wore.

“Wow, are you finally comfortable taking your t-shirt off on the beach?” Howard asked, a slight hint of amusement in his voice as he took off his own shirt and pants, revealing a pair of way too short bathing shorts in neon-green.

“Yes, I am.” Raj said with confidence. “I have been working on my self-esteem with the help of my home girl, Beyoncé.
The Queen has made me realize that my body does not define me – I am flawless.” He added as he shot a pose with his hands on his hips and his head high, resulting in a giggling laughter from Howard.

“That is so sad.” He said, laughter in his voice. Bernadette shot him a death-glare as she stepped out of her loose dress that easily could have been someone’s t-shirt and revealing her deep purple bikini that hugged her ample bosom perfectly, putting anyone else with mammal glands to shame.

“Those are big words from a man that could burst into flames any given second. At least Raj has a great tan going for him which is more than I can say about you.” She said in an ice cold voice, shutting Howard up immediately as Raj sent her a grateful smile.

Sheldon and Amy eyed their friends and each other for a while. Then Amy stood up, deciding that now was as good a time as ever to get into her beach wear. She removed her cardigan and folded it neatly in her bag before swiftly pulling her dress over her head as Sheldon looked down at his bus pants. Amy was wearing a navy striped one piece, a bathing suit that looked like something from Edwardian times. It was rather loose, yet managed to hug her figure quite nicely. It reached right to her knees and well down her arms, not revealing much more skin that normally, and yet it was a whole new look for her. All though it was very Amy, conservative and comfortable, it was still rather groundbreaking and intriguing. Especially for one specific theoretical physicist with two doctorates and a master’s degree who at this moment found it increasingly difficult to avert his eyes from the white and blue fabric and the skin it didn’t cover. The voice inside his head demanded him to look away, to pretend like nothing, but his eyes were unwilling and immobile. He couldn’t help it. It was just so… fascinating.

He kept looking at her until she met his eyes. He immediately felt his cheeks grow warm as she sent him a tiny smile and he finally managed to look away. When he summoned the courage to look back up at her she was still looking at him, catching his eyes. She then straightened her swimsuit and turned around to fold her dress, silently giving him some privacy to change out of his clothes. Sheldon rose from his seat, slowly unbuttoning and pulling off his bus pants. He fumbled a little with his t-shirt before deciding to keep it on – he was already undressed more than enough. He looked back to Amy, she met his eyes taking a quick look at him from top to toe.

And that was when it hit them.

Amy furrowed her brows, Sheldon raised his as they both assessed the other one more time. There was no doubt – the blue and white navy striped fabric of Sheldon’s bathing shorts that reached his knees matched Amy’s swimsuit. Like a glove. They shared a long, confused and rather surprised look. How on earth did this happen? Neither one of them had communicated a single thing about swimwear to the other – and yet here they were, matching like identical twins.

They were brought back to reality as Penny made her way over to them.

“Aww, Shamy color coordinating and matching. That’s so sweet.” She said with a big smile that quickly faded as she

really got a look on their swimwear. She looked from Amy to Sheldon, giving them both the elevator look.

“Wait. Hold on.” She said. “That’s your swimsuits?”

Sheldon and Amy shared a look before nodding in unison.

“Even my grandparents would refuse to wear that. Where the hell did you get those?” She asked in disbelief, but she gave neither one of them a chance to answer as she held out her hands in a dismissive manner. “You know what? Forget it, I don’t even want to know. Come on, let’s go swimming.”

She turned to walk back towards the water were Raj and Howard were holding hands, slowly trying their luck with the cold water as Leonard hugged himself and staring at the sand underneath his feet like it was melted lava. Sheldon let out a loud snort and a shake of his head, causing Penny to turn around and looking at them in confusion. “What?”

“Amy and I are not going swimming.” He stated like she had gone completely mad. “We are going to commence project Science Weekend.”

Penny looked from Sheldon to Amy who pulled out a huge stack of scientific magazines from her colossal bag to back up Sheldon’s words. She opened her mouth to interject, but then changed her mind and shut her jaw shut.

“I’m not dealing with this.” She said in a calming tone of voice, as if she had to reassure herself not to care about Sheldon and Amy’s whereabouts. “I came to enjoy the beach and that’s what I’m going to do. You two enjoy your sucky Science Weekend.” And with that she sauntered away with determined steps.

“Science does not suck!” Sheldon yelled after her, to which Penny turned around and yelled back. “Bite me, Sheldon!”

“Well, that was rude.” Amy commented as she took a seat on the beach chair next to Sheldon’s. He shook his head and sat down as well.

“Some people just don’t know how to enjoy themselves, Amy.” He commented, before opening the first magazine and together they started reading.

The rest of the gang swam, played beach volley, built sand castles and during each activity they tried to convince Sheldon and Amy to join them, but the pair was completely engulfed in their scientific activities, denying any attempts to derail their attention. Each one of them had their nose deeply buried in books and articles, not paying attention to anything else. Every once in a while one of them stumble over something either fascinating or completely ridiculous and show it to the other. Sheldon stroked Amy’s arm absentmindedly, getting her attention and showing her a passage from the article he was currently reading. She read it with furrowed brows before shooting them up, clearly impressed with what she read. She looked up at Sheldon and they nodded in agreement before returning to their reading. Shortly after Amy pocked Sheldon on the shoulder as she showed him a passage from her article. Sheldon read it eagerly before letting out a breathy laughter, shaking his head in disbelieve. He looked at Amy who rolled her eyes as he exclaimed. “Muggles.”

As the time reached noon, Sheldon and Amy closed their respective books simultaneously, each of them searching their backs for something – sun protection. Amy pulled out her bottle and started applying the white cream on her legs and arms. Sheldon took his bottle, but as he took a closer look at it he froze.

“LEONARD!” He exclaimed, looking up in panic. Amy eyed him cautiously. “Sheldon, what is it?” She asked nervously. He almost shoved the bottle in her face, practically shaking.

“Look at this, Amy!” He said, pointing at the bottle. Amy squinted her eyes, reading the line he was pointing at.

“This sunscreen is only SPF 30! I need at least SPF 50, Leonard knows that! That’s it, I’m getting melanoma. I’m as good as dead.” He said in a melodramatic way, slumping his shoulders in defeat. Amy took the bottle from him and placed in the sand before taking a seat next to him on his beach chair.

“Here, use mine. It’s SPF 50.” She said in a reassuring tone of voice. Sheldon eyed the bottle with suspicion.

“UVA and UVB?” He asked with caution.

“Obviously.” Amy answered before handing him the bottle. He took it and applied it on his arms and legs. But before he could put some on his face, Amy took the bottle from him.

“Here, I’ll do it.” She said in a low voice, squirting some of the sunscreen in her hand. Sheldon eyed her for a minute before gulping.

“Close your eyes.” She demanded softly and he complied. Another brief second passed before he felt Amy’s fingers caressing his cheeks, slowly applying the sunscreen. There was a delicate contrast between her warm fingers and the slightly colder sunscreen as she spread it out on every inch of his face, along his forehead, down his cheeks to his jawbone, his chin, around his lips, across his nose and over his eyes. She used slow, circular motions, almost massaging his face as she made sure to cover it completely. Sheldon just kept his eyes closed, savoring the moment and trying to think about something other than how close she was to him. Once she finished he opened his eyes, it almost felt like waking from a very brief dream. Without another word he took the bottle from her hand and scooted a little closer to her, meeting her eyes.

“Close your eyes.” He commanded softly, and she did, her face tilted slightly upward towards him. First he removed her glasses, handing them to her. She looked so different without them. Not good different, not bad different. Just different. Then he took some of the sunscreen in his hands, contemplating how to best apply it to maximize the protection. After a short moment he went for it. Tentatively at first he began on her forehead with three fingers, slowly and steadily covering it completely. Once he was satisfied he moved both his hands to her cheeks, cupping them lightly. His hands almost covered her entire face and her skin was so soft, so very delicate. For some reason it felt exactly like he imagined and yet nothing like it at all. He smoothed the cream out on the bridges of her nose, carefully nudging the tip of it, wanting to make sure she was completely covered. Then he moved his hands to her lips, very cautiously massaging her upper lip and chin. Her lips were so very soft. And warm. And ruby red. Snapping out of his momentary trance, he realized in how close proximity their faces were to each other. Moving his head back the tiniest bit he moved his hands to each side of her face, covering her jawbone and tracing the outline of her face one last time.

“There.” He said as he finished, satisfied with the result. Amy opened her eyes slowly and smiled lazily at him, a smile he quickly returned before she put her glasses back on. A second went by before Sheldon became very aware of the messy state of his hands, they were completely covered. He looked around in a slight frenzy, completely lost for ideas. How on earth was he going to clean his hands? Rubbing them off in his bathing shorts was completely out of the question – he was not an uncivilized savage. He then felt a warm hand on his arm, calling for his attention. He looked towards Amy who was handing him something. Looking down at her hand he calmed down immediately. She was handing him a cleansing wipe with a knowing look in her eyes. He eagerly accepted, shooting her a grateful smile as he quickly removed every trace of sunscreen from his hands, but then he realized a new problem. Where was he supposed to discard the used wipe? This was exactly why the beach was the worst possible idea for a field trip. But again Amy was on the spot, reaching into her bag she pulled out a plastic bag and opened it for him to throw the wipe out.

“Constant vigilance, Dr. Fowler”

“What else, Dr. Cooper?” She said, her eyebrow slightly crooked.

They shared a long look, possibly able to stay like that, eyes locked in a warm embrace, for the foreseeable future, but the moment was interrupted yet again by Penny. She approached them with her hands raised, almost like a truce offering, and a determined look in her eyes.

“I know you two lovebirds are determined to have your precious weekend of Science, but come on, guys. We are supposed to spend time together.” With those words she placed her hands on her hips, like a mother scolding her children. “We are taking a walk along the beach and you two are joining us.”

Sheldon opened his mouth to interject, but Penny was not finished.

“It’s either that or you are both joining us for a swim. Your call.”

Sheldon looked at Amy in despair and she responded with a defeated shrug of her shoulders.

“Drat.” He said under his breathe, knowing that they had no choice. After packing their belongings away, safe from possible thieves, they joined the rest of the group for a walk. After a few minutes the guys were walking ahead, deeply engulfed in a heated discussion about yet another aspect of the Marvel Universe – and as always is was Sheldon against the rest. He walked in the middle, the three others surrounding him with furrowed brows and wide eyes, trying to bring down the tall, stoic Texan and his iron clad arguments. Behind them the ladies were strolling, lazily kicking up sand as they went, talking about everything and nothing and soon they were far behind the others.

Sheldon hated to admit it, but he was actually enjoying this walk. Clasping his hands around his back he walked with long and determined steps as he listened and put down every preposterous argumentations brought forth by his friends – as if they would ever win an argument against him. Would they never learn? He saw the light in their eyes as they thought they had finally found a way to disprove his statement and few things brought him as much joy as to kill that light with extensive knowledge and logic. The rule of Sheldor the Conqueror was undefeatable. But he was brought back to the sand underneath his feet as a horrible sound made its way to his ears.

It was Amy, there was no doubt about it, he would recognize her voice anywhere. But she wasn’t laughing, or talking or singing. She let out a sudden yelp of pain. He turned around quickly, searching for the source of the sound. He saw Amy a distance behind them, her face clearly contorted in a grimace of pain as she bent over and held her right foot. Penny was holding her arm, clearly worried and Bernadette had averted her eyes to Amy’s feet, bending slightly in her knees and her brows furrowed. The two women grabbed an arm each and turned Amy around, now trying to make their way back to the beach chairs as Amy humped along, clearly not able to support herself on the hurt foot. Before he knew it, Sheldon began making his way over to the women with long and hurried steps, almost running, as he heard the rest of the guys asking him where he was going, but panic and uncertainty had taken its dead grip on his intestines, causing his heart to beat faster and his palms to sweat. By the time he managed to reach the trio, they were almost by the beach chair. Sheldon quickly made his way past them, blocking their way. He eyed Amy intently and she returned his gaze with pained eyes.

"Are you hurt?" He asked cautiously, eyeing her foot.

"Yes, I stepped on something sharp as we were walking. I don’t know what it was, but it hurts really much." She answered, holding on to Penny and Bernadette, trying to step on her foot.

Sheldon stepped closer to her and dismissing Bernadette from her side he brought her arm around his neck. Before Amy or Penny had time to react, Sheldon bend his knees and laced his arm under her legs while supporting her back with his other arm, as he lifted her into his arms in a swift motion. Amy was too focused on the pain radiating from her foot to really contemplate over the fact that Sheldon Cooper had actually just lifted her into his arms like a real life Mr. Darcy - she just clung to his neck and shoulders as he carried her the last distance to their beach chairs, putting her down cautiously on one of them. Sheldon then took a seat by her feet, preparing himself to asses the damage.

"Is she okay?" Penny asked somewhere behind them with a nervous tone of voice, but he didn’t answer her. Instead he rose from his seat, turning to face her with an angry frown on his face.

"No, she is not okay! Look at her, she can’t even stand on her foot! This is all your fault!" He exclaimed, pointing a judging finger at her.

"What do you mean it’s all my fault?" Penny asked in disbelief. "Sheldon, it was an accident!"

"Amy and I were enjoying ourselves just fine, completely safe and sound, but you just had to come along and armstrong her into your silly beach-activities - and look how well that turned out!" He fumed, staring at her in dissatisfaction. Penny opened her mouth to interject, but Bernadette’s voice cut her short.

"Will you two stop it?!" She asked angrily, rubbing Amy’s arm in a comforting manner. "You have plenty of time to argue over what is who’s fault, but Amy has hurt her foot and that is way more important!"

Both Sheldon and Penny shut up immediately. Sheldon sat back down at his seat by her feet, looking at her with concern. He then averted his eyes to her hurt foot. The sight that met him made his stomach turn in a characteristic way as he gulped hard to compose himself.

"You are bleeding." He said in a strained voice, not meeting her eyes.

"Oh, Sheldon." She said overbearing. "It’s okay, I know you can’t stand the sight of blood. Just let Penny deal with it."

Sheldon met her eyes once again with determination.

"I’m your boyfriend, it’s my job to take care of you when you’re hurt. It’s in the Relationship Agreement, Booboos and Ouchies." He said matter-factly. Not waiting for her interjection he took her foot and tentatively placed it on his knees. He pressed his lips tightly together as he once again lay eyes on the cut Amy had suffered on the bottom of her foot. There was no doubt that the object she had stepped on had been sharp and hard. But he wasn’t sure it was so deep that she had to get stictches. Oh dear lord, if she had to get stitches, she had to go to a hospital and he had to go with her to offer moral support. He hated hospitals! And he hated blood! What if she caught an infection? What if Amy lost her foot? He sincerely doubted he would be able to offer moral support during an amputation. The mere thought of Amy on a operation table with blood everywhere and big scary surgeons with their horrifying tools was almost enough to make him faint right there and now; he felt a little dizzy and his stomach did that weird turning thing again. Closing his eyes for a short second he tried to dismiss that thought and calm down. Koalas. Think about Koalas, Sheldon he thought to himself and as always that little lump of grey fur and joy made him relax a little. He then opened his eyes and saw Amy looking at him with concerned eyes.

"Don’t look at me like that, you are the one who’s hurt." He said with raised eyebrows before turning to Penny and Bernadette.

"Amy has some cleaning wipes in her bag and a garbage bag, could you bring those for me?" He asked, his logical brain now finally taking control. First things first, the wound had to be cleansed before he could assess the damage. The two blondes quickly fetched him the wipes and he pulled out two, tentatively gripping Amy’s ancle to steady it. He took a deep breathe and with caution he began cleaning the wound.
As soon as the wipe made contact with her foot, Amy let out a strained “Owww.”, sucking in air through her teeth. Sheldon looked up at her with an apologetic look before resuming his task - it had to be done. He used almost half the pack of wipes, making sure that every inch of her foot was clean from sand and whatever pathogens that had possibly been on the object she stepped on. The bleeding had slowed down significantly, but Sheldon still had to take a deep breathe every 10 second and hum the Star Wars theme to himself in order to distract his mind from the red liquid that was threatening to make him lose consciousness. Once he was satisfied he lifted her foot a little to get a better view of the wound, causing Amy to winch again. He looked at her, tightening his grip on her foot a little - a silent apology - before taking the deepest breathe thus far and moving his eyes to the wound. He had to be quick, or else fainting would no longer be a threat, it would be a reality. He furrowed his brows and studied it for a few second before placing it back down, letting out the breathe he had been holding.

"I don’t believe stitches will be necessary." He said with a hint of relief in his voice - no trip to the emergency room today. Thank God. Amy smiled faintly at him, feeling relieved herself.

"Now, how to proceed? We need to protect the wound from any further damage and infections while it heals." Sheldon reasoned. "See? This is why the beach is the worst. We have no remedies whatsoever in this hot and deserted swirling vortex of entropy." He said, as if the entire beach and everyone populating it was the reason for the harm that had befallen his girlfriend and in extension, him.

"Penny, could you please hand me my bag?" Amy then asked and Penny obliged immeaditely.

"Holy crap on a cracker, Ames!" She exclaimed as she lifted the bag with all of her strength. "What the hell do you have in here, your entire apartment or what?"

"Oh no, only the essentials." Amy said lighthearted as she searched the bag next to her. She pulled out a box and handed it to Sheldon who looked at her in confusion. Opening the box he couldn’t help but smile.

"A portable first aid kit." He stated with an approving nod. "Very wise, Amy."

"One can never be too careful." Amy answered.

"Indeed. Good thing some of us kept the life threatening hazards that lurks everywhere on the beach in mind, unlike certain others." Sheldon said, a clear hint of accusation in his voice as he stared at Penny who returned his stare with a huff and a roll of her eyes.

Sheldon searched the box and relished the neat state it was in - all perfectly packed and stored according to usage and size - before picking a large band-aid that looked like it would cover Amy’s wound nicely. He handed her the box and opened the band-aid. Carefully he placed the soft fabric-part on the wound and with slow and precise movement he smoothed out the sticky-part of the band-aid on each side of the wound, securing it thoroughly.

"There." He said with a tiny smile, meeting Amy’s eyes and feeling proud of himself - he had looked directly at blood without fainting. Take that, anyone who had ever called him weak.

Amy returned his smile fondly. “Thank you, Sheldon. Your caregiving is immaculate.” She said gratefully, making Sheldon feeling more proud, increasing his confidence.

"Are you still in pain?" He asked seriously.

Amy winched slightly. “Yes, a little. But I’ll cope.” She answered with a faint smile.

"Did you bring any analgesic medications?"

"Unfortunately not. I had none at my apartment." Amy answered, cursing her luck internally.

"Well, I know something else that could ease her pain." Bernadette chimed with a teasing twinkle in her eyes. Sheldon looked at her, hopeful.

"What is that?" He asked curiously.

Bernadette winked at Amy sayingly, all though the brunette was just as lost as Sheldon.

"I bet a kiss would make Amy feel much better!" She said happily.

Sheldon looked at her like she had lost her mind.

"Uuuuuh!" Penny joined the fun with a big smile. "I think you are right, Bernie, a kiss is exactly what Amy needs to feel better!"

Sheldon snapped his head to her. “Have you two silly women swallowed too much saline and gone completely mad?” He asked in disbelief. “No matter how much pain Amy is in I would never even consider kissing her foot!”

The smiles faded from Penny and Bernadette’s faces and were replaced with disbelieving frowns. He couldn’t possibly be that ignorant?

"Not a kiss on her foot, Sheldon!" Penny said throwing a hand up in defeat.

He furrowed her brows at her.

"Think harder, genius." Bernadette said in a low growl.

"Oh?" He said in confusion, still not understanding what they were trying to tell him. He looked at Amy who looked back at him with shy eyes, biting her lip lightly. And then it dawned on him.

"Oh!" He exclaimed, his eyebrows reaching his hairline as the blondes’ hint now became clear to him.

"There you go." Penny said, tapping the side of her nose in a saying manner.

Sheldon looked at Amy once again, gulping hard and averting his eyes down as his cheeks grew warm and slightly red.

"It’s all right. I’ll be fine without a kiss, thank you." Amy said sternly, looking at Penny and Bernadette with accusing eyes, causing them both to look down in embarrassment - like kids caught in doing something wrong. "Besides, kisses in public are not a part of the Relationship Agreement." She stated, trying to make Sheldon feel better. He looked up and met her eyes with a gaze of gratitude.

"Well, we are going to give you two some recovery time." Bernadette said, pulling Penny with her - all though she seemed very reluctant to leave - and dragging her towards the guys standing by the water.

Sheldon watched them leave and as soon they were a safe distance from them he turned to Amy. With the speed of light he leaned in and placed a quick peck on her lips. Amy had only time to pucker her lips and close her eyes for less than a second before he pulled away. She opened her eyes and found him averting his eyes down once again.

"Kisses in public are not a part of the Relationship Agreement, but I am obligated to make you feel better in times like these, and if a kiss makes you feel better I suppose it’s justified." He explained logically.

Amy smiled brightly at him. “It made me feel much better. You have fulfilled your duties with great success.” She said happily. He gazed up at her and returned her smile with that right-sided half smile of his that made her turn into a soft poodle of skipped heartbeats and joy, and for the slightest second the pain actually seemed to subside.

Their moment was interrupted as the entire gang now invaded the sitting area.

"How are you feeling, Amy?" Raj asked with true concern.

"Much better, it’s just a little cut. Thank you for asking, Rajesh." She answered, shooting him a reassuring smile that he returned.

"Well, we are going to take a romantic stroll down the beach and watch the sunset." Howard said, wrapping an arm around Bernadette’s shoulders, looking fondly into her eyes.

"No, thank you." Sheldon answered immediately.

"You should go, Sheldon." Amy said. "I know you enjoy taking walks, I’ll be fine."

Sheldon shook his head at her.

"No, you are in need of comfort. I can’t comfort you if I leave you." He said sternly. "Not to mention that this walk is of a romantic nature which indicates that the participants should take a walk with their significant others and since you are not able to participate, then I have no reason to either."

Amy felt like burying her face into her hands and squeal in delight by his words, but she settled for a warm smile. Sheldon returned it before turning to their friends.

"What are you waiting for?" He asked impatiently. "Shoo!" He said waving them away with his hands.

"A true romantic." Leonard said sarcastically as he laced his hand with Penny’s who responded with an amused snort. Soon after their group of friends had made their walk to the shore, strolling along the water.

Amy scooted over to one side of the large beach chair and tapped the space next to her.

"Come, take a seat." She said to Sheldon who complied with a tiny nod. He took a seat next to her and bringing his legs up to rest on the chair. They shared a quick gaze - they were after all sitting in very close proximity- before looking out on the water. From where they were seated they had an amazing view of the ocean and the perfectly rounded sun that now shone with a deep red colour, coloring the sky and the clouds in all sort of warm colours, from a rich purple to a blazing orange.

"I love sunsets." Amy said in a low voice, marvelled by the sight in front of her. "To think that the light of a star so far away can look so beautiful is astonishing."

"The increased amount of atmosphere the sun’s light has to pass in order to reach your eyes tend to have that effect on people." Sheldon replied, his voice also low. There is just something about a sunset that makes most people whisper in humility of its wonder.

"But it is rather fascinating how the wavelengths of first the violets, then the blues, followed by the greens and the yellows, even the oranges at some point, are lost - leaving only the red wave lenghts for our eyes to see - manifests itself in such a wondrous sight as this." He said, once again amazed by the wonders of the Universe.

"Science is the most beautiful thing, isn’t it?" Amy asked after listening to his explanation.

"Indeed." He answered.

They sat in silence for a while until Amy let out a shaky breathe, causing Sheldon to look at her with concern.

"Are you cold?" He asked, pausing a second as he took in the way the warm light fell on Amy’s face, reflecting in her green eyes. She turned her head and met his eyes.

"It’s fine." She said, not wanting to ruin the moment.

"Because if you are cold I have to take care of it." He insisted.

"No, no need, Sheldon. Really." Amy said sternly. "Let’s just watch the sunset."

He looked at her for another short moment before reluctantly returning his gaze straight ahead.

After another short while Amy felt Sheldon shuffle slightly beside her and before she knew it, he tentatively placed an arm around her shoulders, pulling her slightly against him.
She looked up at him in wonder, but he kept looking straight ahead.

"You are cold, I’m taking care of it. Don’t make a huge deal out of it." He said in a low voice, very aware of the increased physical intimacy he was engaging in.
Amy just smiled at his unseeing eyes and placed her head on his shoulder.

"I could just have put on my cardigan, you know." She teased.

Sheldon looked down at her and she raised her head meeting his eyes.

"Or… this." He said matter factly.

"Or this." Amy responded with a content sight before placing her head back on his shoulder.

A fair distance from them the gang was walking and taking the beautiful sunset in. As if she had a Shamy-sense that tingled whenever Sheldon and Amy did anything together, Penny turned her head just in time to see Sheldon - self acclaimed homo novus - wrap an arm around Amy. She smirked widely and nudged Leonard, getting his attention and pointing at the adorable sight. Leonard followed her finger and smiled as well. She leaned in closer to him, whispering as if not to interrupt Sheldon and Amy’s private moment of intimacy.

"I don’t normally believe in miracles, but those two are the closest prove I,ve ever seen."



I was thinking about having these character weeks on this blog and on tbbt-confessions. You know, one week for Leonard, one for Howard, etc., where everybody’s encouraged to post as many headcanons and confessions about that character.

Of course, other headcanons and…


I got tagged for a tag thingy!

92 questions!
Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.


1. Last beverage = Coffee
2. Last phone call = My uncle
3. Last text message = My friend, we miss each other.
4. Last song you listened to = Beautiful - live from BBC 1’s Radio Live Lounge by The Zutons (amazing cover, listen to it)

5. Last time you cried = Not too long ago, can’t really remember. It was school/stress related.


6. Dated someone twice = Nope
7. Been cheated on = Nope
8. Kissed someone & regretted it = Nope
9. Lost someone special = I have.
10. Been depressed = I suppose so. I’m not sure, but I’ve been VERY VERY down.
11. Been drunk and threw up = Nope.

1. Green
2. Orange
3. Blue


15. Made a new friend = Several, and they are delightful!
16. Fallen out of love = No, sir.
17. Laughed until you cried = OH GOD YES!
18. Met someone who changed you = Hummm…. CHANGED me? Not really.
19. Found out who your true friends are = No, I think I already knew.
20. Found out someone was talking about you = Yes. It wasn’t meant in a harmful way, but it’s never fun.
21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend’s list = Nope.


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = All of them.
24. Do you have any pets = No. Only siblings.
25. Do you want to change your name = Actually, no. I was named after my grandmother and she’s a bad ass lady.
26. What did you do for your last birthday = Uhmm… I studied real hard and my family cooked me dinner and brought me cake and gifts. It was great!
27. What time did you wake up today = Around 6.30 AM
28. What were you doing at midnight last night = Snoozing, probably snorring and drooling.
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = The day people start treating each other like freaking human beings and not skin colors, sexualities, religions, nationalities and so on. I have high hopes for this planet.
30. Last time you saw your Mother = This morning. She stressed me out, but I guess that is what mothers do :)
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = Geez, tough one. Probably that I don’t just take the opportunities within my reach. I should do that more often. I’m working on it!
32. What are you listening to right now = Come Away With Me by Norah Jones. Yum!
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = Haha, good question! No, I actually don’t think I have! But now it’s on my bucket list. Oh. And I need a bucket list.
34. What’s getting on your nerves right now = Feeling like I don’t have time enough for.. .well, anything! Studying, socializing, writing my multi chapter fanfiction, writing Shamy prompts! Just.. UGH! I need more hours in the day, man. Come on, science. It’s 2014. Fix this madness.
35. Most visited webpage = Tumblr, FanFiction, my schools studysite.

36. Blood type = AB+
37. Nickname = Oh god, there are so many. Okay, here goes… Waf, Wafelisen, Wafo, Rafiki, Captain In Character Sass Queen, Doc… and many many more. But these are the most commonly used.
38. Relationship status = As it has always been, single. Uno. Solo Mio.
39. Zodiac sign = Gemini!
40. Pronouns = She/her
41. Elementary = A tiny school near my house.
42. High School = Roskilde Katedralskole
43. College = SDU
44. Hair colour = Chestnut!
45. Long or short = It was really long a few weeks agot, now it’s to my shoulder blades.
46. Height = Uhm, oh god. I’m 165 cm, what is that in feet? Like… 5’5? Something like that I think.
47. Do you have a crush on someone? = Nopes.
48. What do you like about yourself? = I’m very easily fascinated by seriously ANTYTHING! That’s why people call me a nerd. And I love it, life as a nerd is like… THE BEST LIFE EVER!
49. SERIOUSLY?! AGAIN!? *deep breathe*
50. Tattoos = Niet.
51. Righty or lefty = You must be left, ‘cause I’m always right. Bazinga, punks!
52. First surgery = None.
53. First piercing = My ears? But they keep closing. Damn it.
54. First best friend = A girl named Monica.
55. First sport you joined = Football (NOT American Football, the REAL football!) in the school yard.
56. First vacation = That I remember? Uhm, Lebanon. My first vacation ever? Lebanon, probably.
58. First pair of trainers = That’s a WAY too personal question, dude. You don’t know me like that.


59. Eating = Rice.
60. Drinking = Water.
61. I’m about to = Study/write fanfiction! YAY!
62. Listening to = Hotel California by Eagles. Classic <3
63. Waiting for = My brain to wake up! And a new episode of The Big Bang Theory, of course :)
64. Want kids = Right this instance? No, I don’t have the time. In the future? HELL. FUCKING. YES.
65. Get married = Again, right NOW? No, I don’t think you can be legally married to a bowl of rice. If only. In the future? If I find someone to marry, yeah sure!
66. Career? = Studying to become a doctor! But I wouldn’t mind doing a million other things, though. Like writing, drawing, being in politics, a teacher, a chef, a researcher, Wonder Woman. You know, basic career choices.


67. Lips or eyes = Eyes, for sure.
68. Hugs or kisses = Hmm… I haven’t tried kissing, but they look really good. Shamy-kisses do anyway. But.. Uhm… Both? Both. Yes, both will work. But more than anything I want CUDDLES!
69. Shorter or taller = I’ve always said short guys, but then along came Jim Parsons, and now I’m up for both! All the cute boys!
70. Older or younger = I don’t care.
71. Romantic or spontaneous = A spontaneous romantic? But probably more romantic.
72. Nice stomach or nice arms = Arms, absolutely arms.
73. Sensitive or loud = I’m a mix of both, I think I’m looking for the same.
74. Hook-up or relationship = Without a second’s hesitation, defintely RELATIONSHIP!
75. Trouble maker or hesitant = Hey, hesitant people can be trouble makers, too! But I’m not much for trouble, so… Hesitant, I guess :)


76. Kissed a stranger = Nein.
77. Drank hard liquor = Nopedinope.
78. Lost glasses/contacts = Nope!
79. Sex on first date = That would require a date, but if that should happen, then.. No. Hell. No.
80. Broke someone’s heart = Gosh, I hope not! Not that I am aware of. I’ve I did somehow break someone’s heart, then I AM TRULY SORRY!
81. Had your own heart broken = Not really, still pretty intact.
82. Been arrested = Haha, no. They never catch me.
83. Turned someone down = I guess?
84. Cried when someone died = Absolutely.
85. Fallen for a friend = I think I fall a little for all my friends. I can’t help it, they are just so loveable!


86. Yourself = Abselutelymundo
87. Miracles = Uhm, Betty White exists. So I’m gonna go with HELL YES!
88. Love at first sight = Not really. Attractions at first sight, sure. But not love.
89. Heaven = Yup!
90. Santa Claus = Duh.
91. Kiss on the first date = I really couldn’t say. Depends on a lot of things. But if you feel for it, sure, why not!
92. Angels = I most absolutely do.


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